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Student Health & Accident Insurance

Recently enacted national health care laws resulting from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will have a significant impact on health insurance plans across the nation. PPACA requirements will take effect in January 2014, and will require all individuals to have adequate health insurance coverage. In response to this federal mandate, Methodist University has secured affordable coverage for our students.

If you already have comparable health insurance, you will not be charged for the Methodist University student health insurance plan if you complete the online waiver form before August 19, 2013 (Fall semester) or January 6, 2014 (spring semester). International students should not complete the waiver. You can access this waiver form here (to be reactivated prior to Spring). It is important to understand that starting January 1, 2014, the law requires that you are covered by adequate health insurance. If you have not completed the online waiver before the deadline of August 19, 2013 (Fall semester) or January 6, 2014 (spring semester), you will be charged $415 for the fall semester (5 months of coverage) and $585 for the spring semester (7 months of coverage).

For many students who do not have adequate coverage, this plan will represent significant savings over private insurance plans. If you wish to participate in the Methodist University student health insurance program through Aetna - DO NOT DO ANYTHING. All Methodist University students who have not completed the online waiver process are automatically enrolled in the student health insurance program.

Again, if you already have comparable coverage and you wish to waive the student health insurance, please complete the online waiver form. Waivers will be accepted only until August 19, 2013 (Fall semester) or January 6, 2014 (spring semester).

All international students are required to carry adequate health and accident insurance. A special policy is available for international students and information may be obtained through the international office or from the insurance coordinator.

The Student Insurance Coordinator's Office is located in West Hall.

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Phone: (910) 630-7652

Aetna Student Insurance Policy Outline
Aetna Student Insurance Policy Brochure
Aetna Student Insurance Claim Form