Study Abroad Testimonials

Study Abroad Testimonials

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Faith Bowen '18

Goldsboro, NC
Studied abroad in Italy, Nepal & Guatemala

Brent Breedlove '18

Goldsboro, NC
Studied abroad in Saint Lucia

Connor Evers

Clinton, Iowa
Marketing with a concentration in PGA Golf Management
Studied abroad in London, UK

Ahmed Aljukhaydib '17

'Unaiza, Saudi Arabia
Marketing & Business Administration
Studied abroad in Guatemala

Jennifer Ashworth '16

Carolina Beach, NC
Applied Forensic Science & Justice Studies
Studied abroad in Trieste, Bologna, and Venice, Italy; London and Wales, UK

Studying abroad was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I went in not knowing what to expect and not knowing anyone. We all became like a family, and it really grew on me. You get a chance to learn more about yourself, others, and the culture around you. If you go abroad, do not be shy. Go out, talk to the people, and explore the area. I will never forget the times I had or people I met during my study abroad adventure.

Kaitlynn Gray '17

Virginia Beach, VA
Social Work
Studied abroad in Granada, Spain

Kaitlynn GrayThe moment I decided to study abroad was the moment my life changed forever. When I arrived in Granada, Spain, I quickly learned a new language while being thrown into a completely different culture. Traveling is about being open-minded, looking for adventure, making the most of every moment, and seizing every opportunity. Instead of changing the world, let the world change you. That’s what I did.

Teresa Hammonds '15

Fayetteville, NC
Theatre & International Relations
Studied abroad in Derry, Northern Ireland

I know that I made the best decision of my life when I chose to study abroad. No matter the tears or the fears that went into this, I made the best memories of my life in Derry and in Northern Ireland as a whole. If I learned one thing during my time studying in Ireland, it was to not be afraid to leave one’s comfort zone and to go see the beautiful world around us. Life is way too short to not experience it to the fullest.

Fedia Jean-Claude '16

Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Business Administration & Marketing
Studied abroad in Rennes, France

Fedia Jean-ClaudeI never expected a semester in France to generate so much personal growth. The people I met, the experiences I lived, all have molded my perspective towards the world and life. I discovered a country and a culture, but mostly I discovered myself in the process.


Ryan Kowalski '16

Arlington Heights, IL
PGA Golf Management
Studied abroad in Semester at Sea

Visiting 17 countries across four continents and studying on a cruise ship full of college students was a once in a lifetime opportunity that changed my life forever. Semester at Sea’s most valuable lesson is pushing yourself every day to become comfortable with the uncomfortable and to relish the unknown. Nothing amazing ever happened in your comfort zone. Go scare yourself, find yourself, and change your life.

Sharon Moran '18

St. Pauls, NC
Environmental & Occupational Management
Studied abroad in Trieste, Bologna and Venice, Italy

Sharon MoranGoing to Italy showed me how many things I take for granted everyday: public bathrooms, Wi-Fi, paved roads, cars, and even English. Study Abroad opened my eyes to a new world where everything is different, yet we are all the same. Things like laughter and kindness reach over the language barrier easily. Sometimes it isn’t about where you are or what historical monuments you’ve seen. It’s about the people who share the adventure with you and make it great.

Nick Murn '17

Mooresville, NC
PGA Golf Management
Studied abroad in London, England

Nick MunnStudying abroad is absolutely the best thing that college students can do to really learn about life, as well as themselves. It’s a nerve-wracking experience to plan, and you’ll freak out about it constantly. However, everything will be worth it as soon as you actually get there. I’ve made amazing friends and learned so much about myself. Given the opportunity, I’d go through all the stress and anxiety all over again because every last second was worth it. The hardest part will be leaving to come home.

Kyle Peacock '17

Greenville, NC
Sport Management
Studied abroad in Vinovo, Italy

Kyle PeacockDo not let anything hold you back from studying abroad. It was one of the best experiences I will ever have. Do not think twice. Go out and have new experiences. Sometimes the most fun you will have is getting lost.


Kayla Pless '16

Hampstead, NC
Sport Management
Studied abroad in England, Wales and Guatemala

I have studied abroad twice while being at Methodist, and it was the best decision I ever made. I went to London and Wales in the summer and I went to Guatemala in October. Both were short trips, but I am glad I got the opportunity to travel abroad. A picture won’t do these places justice, it’s something you have to experience in person.

Kyle Wilson '15

Clayton, NC
Environmental & Occupational Management
Studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic

Kyle WilsonI have had about three years to reflect on my time abroad (which I do pretty often) and I have to admit that my opinion on it has ultimately never changed. It was one of the greatest (the scariest) decisions of my life and every time I think about it, I remember and appreciate how lucky I was to have taken advantage of that opportunity. The people I met, the friends I made, the places I got to travel, the things I learned about the world, and especially about myself; it was all more than worth it.


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