Southern Writers Symposium

Southern Writers Symposium

The 25th Southern Writers Symposium: October 2015

Created in 1982, the Methodist University Southern Writers Symposium is designed to encourage scholarship on southern literature and culture, as well as to celebrate the writings of contemporary southern authors.

2015 Emerging Writers Contest Submission Guidelines

For more information, contact Brenda Jernigan at (910) 630-7454 or

The 24th Southern Writers Symposium Emerging Writers Contest

Poetry Finalists & Winners

"The Dare" by Connie Green (3rd place)
"The Jetty" by Austin Wilson
"Lacuna" by M. E. MacFarland (1st place)
"Lake Cheston" by Maggie Blake
"Mixed Metaphor" by Ben Wright
"Trembling Earth" by Austin Wilson (2nd place)

Fiction Finalists & Winners

"Frida and Jackie" by Maggie Morgan (2nd place)
"The Headless Wonder" by H.M. Patterson (1st place)
"Knight in Shining Armor" by Art Taylor
"Nailing It" by Carolyn Cone Weaver
"Once Upon a Tantrum" by A.K. Benninghofen
"Out of Kindness, I Suppose" by Brian Seemann (3rd place)

The 24th Southern Writers Symposium Sandhills Young Writers Contest

2014 Sandhills Young Writers Contest Winners


Mentalist Craig Karges Performs

Mentalist Craig Karges will perform in conjunction with New Student Orientation activities.

Student Activities Committee Meeting

First SAC meeting of the semester