Waiting List

Sometimes our schedule fills up weeks in advance. But don't despair! If the appointment you wish to reserve is unavailable, you may add yourself to the waiting list on WC Online.We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the waiting list, as our appointment schedule often changes on a daily and/or hourly basis.

How does the waiting list work?

If an appointment opens on WC Online, everyone on the waiting will receive a text* or an email alert notification that an appointment is now available. If the available time works for you, you must go to WC Online and schedule the appointment; keep in mind everyone on the waiting list will receive the same notification, so you’ll need to act quickly. Receiving notification does not guarantee that you’ll be able to make an appointment.

*Note: To receive a text message alert, you must set up your account to receive alerts via text message. (See below for instructions.)

To add yourself to the waiting list:

  1. Log in to WC Online;
  2. Click on the clock icon for the appropriate day;
  3. Designate notification of any and all openings in the schedule, or designate specific consultant or time openings;
  4. Designate notification format: email or text message;
  5. Click "Add to Waiting List";
  6. Once you receive notification of an opening, log in to WC Online and book the appointment as soon as possible.

To set up text message alerts when you’re on the Waiting List:

  1. Add yourself to the Waiting List by following the above instructions;
  2. Click on the Welcome banner at the left corner of the schedule;
  3. Click on Update Profile and Email Options;
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the form;
  5. Enter your cell phone number;
  6. Enter your cell phone carrier;
  7. Click “Edit Profile”;
  8. Close windows as needed; you should begin receiving text alerts as soon as appointments cancel on the day(s) you are on the Waiting List.

*To stop text messages, you will need to remove your cell phone number and carrier from your profile or follow the instructions given in the text notifications.


Graduate Commencement Ceremony

The Winter Commencement Ceremony for students in Methodist University Graduate Programs.

Baccalaureate Service

Prior to graduation, a Baccalaureate Service will take place at 10:30 a.m. in Huff Concert Hall, where Dr. James Howell will deliver the baccalaureate...


This is the undergraduate Winter Commencement ceremony.

Admission by ticket only until 1:55 p.m.

View the Graduation Webcast here!...