Winter Weather Preparedness

Winter Weather Preparedness

If Electrical Service is Interrupted

  • Use only flashlights for illumination. NEVER use candles, grills, or any other open- flame device inside a Residence Hall or any other campus building. Doing so creates extreme fire and life safety hazards.
  • Keep windows closed to retain heat. Dress in layers to enhance comfort.
  • Remember to stay hydrated and eat regularly.
  • Frequently-used services such as University computer networks, ATM and vending machines, and laundry facilities will be inoperative.
  • Classrooms, labs, Davis Library, and recreational facilities will remain closed during the outage.

Essential Supplies

  • Drinking Water
  • Cell Phone - fully charged
  • Flashlight - with extra batteries, if possible
  • Cash - ATMs and Credit / Debit Card processors will not function during an outage
  • Battery-Powered Radio
  • Prescription Medications
  • Foods that don't require refrigeration or warming

Driving on Campus

  • Operating a vehicle when ice or snow is present on the road surface is potentially dangerous to yourself and others. Do not operate a vehicle under such conditions unless you have absolutely no other option.
  • Some campus roadways may have to be closed due to icing. Provisions will be made for students and staff to access the Residence Halls.
  • NEVER move traffic control barriers or attempt to drive on a closed roadway.
  • Always drive at a safe and reasonable speed for whatever conditions you may face.
  • Leave extra distance between your vehicle and others ahead of you. Your vehicle's stopping distance will be much longer on snow or ice, even at lower speeds.
  • If your vehicle starts to skid, turn into the direction of the skid.
  • If a portion of Lower Fields Drive is closed, residents of McLean may have to use the driveway adjacent to Cape Fear Commons for enter and leave by vehicle.

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