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Blameless by Gail Carriger

Our fearless Heroine, Alex Tarrabotti, is at it again! She has been dodging vampire attacks and annoying questions from her airheaded family. Only this time she travels to Italy, the source of all the grief that has befallen our Lady Maccon at the end of the second book, Changeless. I won’t reveal what happened that […]


Magisterium by Jeff Hirsch

A very intruding read. Seeing how this world is divided, and how items will fall to work when moving over a simple line marking two different places was quite interesting. I didn’t like how Hirsch ended this book. I didn’t see it as a solution to any problem that was created/presented within the plot.


The Darkest Mind by: Alexandra Bracken

The mind is indeed a powerful tool, it is where secrets, thoughts, and dreams are held. Bracken shows how dangerous the mind can be, and how the darkest of minds have light and abilities that are controlled and uncontrolled.  With the youth having extraordinary powers fighting for a place with choices. Besides, what is the […]


Y: The Last Man

I’ve been holding these hostage for…awhile. So I need to say something about them so I can return them. (I think that they’re beginning to suffer from Stockholm Syndrome as they are even shelved on my living room bookcase. *ahem*) Anyway, Y: The Last Man by Brian Vaughan and Pia Guerra is, first, a graphic […]


The Host

As I get older, I’m finding myself more and more conflicted about the books I read. Smeyer’s The Host isn’t helping me in the issue at all. It was in the university library and with all the hype, I thought this meant that I should read it. It sat on my shelf for a month […]



Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is dooooooooone! I so dislike this book, despite how hard I tried to like it, because, after all, it’s early classic sci-fi/horror. I will express this in list form, ’cause I like lists. 1) Victor Frankenstein is a weenie. He makes a monster, then runs away from it and ignores it for […]

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