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A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb

I couldn’t put this book down.  The imagery in it is amazing-you can clearly see in your head all the things that happen here.  This book is, of course, about a ghost/spirit (Light=a ghost/spirit who does not occupy a body, Quick=a ghost/spirit who occupies a body, at least that’s how I interpreted it) who discovers that […]


The Last Will of Moira Leahy

This, Therese Walsh’s first novel, is brilliant.  I’ll admit that after reading the first few pages I was ready to put it down and move on to another book (it’s a little slow to start).  But the very next time I picked it up, I could not put it back down.  About every other chapter is […]


Batman and Robin, Batman Reborn

After reading Batman and Robin, Batman Reborn by Grant Morrison and art by Frank Quietly and Philip Tan, I was really disappointed by the storyline and the art in the beginning of the comic.  In the first few issues of the comic the art is almost grimy looking, and Batman’s costume always seems to be […]


The Historian

I have just finished the book entitled The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova and it is by far the longest book I have ever read.  Overall I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a mystery novel that deals with the historical Dracula.  This story begins with a young lady […]



“Cut” by Patricia McCormick is about a girl who ends up in the “loony bin” after being discovered as a cutter.  It’s hard to say anything about the book without giving away the whole plot.  The book is written from an odd perspective.  It’s in the first person, but when the main character, Callie, refers […]


My Fighting Congregation

Just finished off My Fighting Congregation by Chaplain William Taggart. It was a very interesting memoir of a chaplain during World War II. I just randomly picked up from the university library when I was avoiding some other school thing I really should have been doing. (I always get the best books that way.) I […]



“Sold” by Patricia McCormick is a tale of a young girl from Nepal, who, because of her bum stepfather, is sold by her family to an “auntie” from the city.  This “auntie” is thought to be taking the young Lakshmi to a rich lady in the city, for whom she will work for so that she can […]



Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is dooooooooone! I so dislike this book, despite how hard I tried to like it, because, after all, it’s early classic sci-fi/horror. I will express this in list form, ’cause I like lists. 1) Victor Frankenstein is a weenie. He makes a monster, then runs away from it and ignores it for […]


Siren Song

I have been reading about the ongoing struggles of Celia Graves, the half-vampire-half-siren from the book Siren Song by Cat Adams.  This picks up right where Blood Song ends.  Celia Graves, who already has been bitten by a vampire, finds out that she also has some siren blood in her, giving her the answer to […]

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