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“Cities of the Red Night” by William S. Burroughs

Trying to figure out what this book is about is like trying to figure out what a jigsaw puzzle will look like based on the loose pieces (with no box top to guide you). There seem to be two or three themes: something about 18th century pirates trying to establish a utopia in Panama, something […]


India Black by Carol K. Carr

Do you like action movies? Do James Bond movies make your heart race? Then you might want to try India Black by Carol K. Carr. This book is full of action but is not particularly believable. The idea of a madam turned spy is kind of hard to swallow, and I had been hoping that […]


Worth Dying For

Worth Dying For by Lee Childs is the continued story of retired military policeman Jack Reacher.  Reacher spends his time traveling the country very Caine like (from Kung-fu) saving the day. In this installment he’s stuck in a small Nebraska town ran by a very controlling family, while saving the town from the tyrannical family […]

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