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Circle Nine by Anne Heltzel

This was an interesting book, one that I might wait a long while before i pick it up again. The way “Abby” wakes up with no memory,  and the journey she takes to find the truth is captivating. It show how things can go from looking like Paradise to a reality of Hell with in […]


Attracted to Fire by DiAnn Mills

This was a great book.  Ash, the agent in charge is painted as a man who thinks women should not be with the secret service, however Meghan has a plan to change his mind. It was written with a great twist, and that is the best element of all. I would recommend this book to […]


The Space Between By Brenna Yovanoff

This was a really good and quick read with an interesting story. The main character Daphne, who happens to live in hell and whose parents are Lilith and Lucifer, is somewhat bored and emotionless. She has several siblings but there is only one that she truly cares about, Obie. Obie makes the decision that he […]


Heaven is for Real

Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo is an intriguing story of a child’s out-of body-experience.   After an emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix Colton Burpo describes his spiritual journey.    I was a bit skeptical when I started reading this book but as it progressed I felt the story was captivating.   I would recommend this […]

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