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Dearest by Alethea Kontis

I was excited to see this book. I enjoyed Enchanted and Hero, so I knew this head to be a great book. It was an awesome plot, the author was confused towards the end of the book. However, the book had a great climax and resolution with no cliff hanger ending.


Four Girls from Berlin: A True Story of a Friendship That Defied the Holocaust By Marianne Meyerhoff

To question or search for your identity your whole life seems tedious and disheartening. To be coerced to abandon your identity is just cruel. Marianne Meyerhoff’s poignant recounts of her life and that of her mother, Lotte or Mutti, points to the moralizing (and often conflicting) aspects of what it mean to be human. Marianne’s […]


In the After Light by Alexandra Bracken

The third and last book of the Darkest Mind series. I enjoyed this book, Bracken did an awesome job at keeping the characters the same, along with making the reader sympathetic towards the main characters. The only thing I did not like, was how it ended. It seemed to be rushed, and hurried along, when […]


The Cherry Cola Book Club by Ashton Lee

This is a first for me; a fiction book about a library. Although it was fiction the struggles and joys of running a library is all too real for me. Maura Beth Mayhew is the Director for the Public Library in Cherico, Mississippi and the book introduces the audience to her at a time when […]

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