The Legend Mackinnon by Donna Kauffman

I found this book in a bin full of other paperback books and I was immediately drawn to its cover design. People find it surprising that I like plaid; probably because I wear mostly solid colored hoodies and jeans. Yes, it’s another fiction book but without vampires and werewolves or any overdone brooding supernatural. I wouldn’t classify this book as an epic adventure or an epic romance. It does involve six souls tangled in pre-destined love but none of it includes hearts, stars, and flowers—thank goodness.

Aside from the title, Legend Mackinnon is also a curse placed on the rivaling clans the Clarens and Mackinnons. The curse goes something like; any matrimonial union between direct descendants of the two clans would end in heartbreak. Oh and each of the three Mackinnon brothers were cursed with their own kind of purgatory here on earth.  On the Claren’s side three women were innocent bystanders or product of the disastrous union of Claren and Mackinnon descendants. They were orphaned very early in life and each had their own internal demon to conquer. And yes, each of them—the Mackinnon brothers and Claren women—had the run-of-the-mill romance. Girl meets boy; boy blames girl for everything that had befallen him and his clan; girl retaliates and that sparked a lustful romantic liaison. Next, throw in a bit of heart wrenching angst and a triumphant victory in the end and there you have it—Love conquers all. (Cue in eye-rolling.)

I’ve read enough romance novels to know how everything unfolds. This book would be perfect while waiting to board your flight or when the plane is grounded on the tarmac for an eternity. (That’s another good example of purgatory on earth.)Or when you’re snowed in for a week because Mother Nature thought mixing snow, ice, and rain would be an awesome combination. Three brothers and three women is certainly a crowd for one book and it’s evident in how the author had to rush through the plot and left the reader (ahem, me) with many unanswered questions. Despite the story’s setbacks the one thing I look for in romance novels is the banter. Whether the guy is being a jerk or the girl is playing hard-to-get or vice-verse, reading about their journey to everlasting love makes them real and not just characters from a dusty paperback. It’s hardly about the destination but the journey—cue in longing sigh.

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  1. brittany Says:

    Sounds interesting. I would love to read something like this.

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