Changeless by Gail Carriger

The adventures of Alexia Tarrabotti, now Lady Maccon, continues in this second book and it picks up where Soulless ended—after the wedding. It has been three months since Aleixia and her beastly beau tied the knot with the endorsement of the Queen—for political reasons—and her insufferable mother. I have to credit Aleixia for not lashing out against the company she keeps. There’s Ivy Hisselpenny, her living-breathing-fashion-challenged best friend who is the very definition of an “air-head”; and there’s also her step sister, Felicity, whose general disposition deserves a parasol to her head…several times. Finally, there’s her husband, Lord Maccon—the overly emotional and brutish animal who still insists on shutting Aleixia up with forceful and sensual kisses.

Despite these individuals, Aleixia—our practical, curvy preternatural—continues to manages the affairs of the Woolsey estate and the supernatural wing of British politics. New characters are introduced in this book and old characters comeback to assist our heroine who is doing a lot of running. Which is another reason why much credit is due to our Lady Maccon—I cannot imagine running in over-sized skirts, a restrictive bodice, and a new and improved (also very heavy) parasol for an extended period of time.

What I enjoyed the most about this book is it has done a superb job at reintroducing Aleixia Tarrabotti as a woman of means and she’s a working girl now—who happens to work a 9pm to 5am job. She’s no longer the intelligent spinster who spends her days tolerating her dimwitted family or skulking through her father’s library. Instead of exchanging verbal jabs with the Earl, she’s busy trying to calm him down or keep him at arm’s length from her line of work. She is quite busy these days. I think someone should offer her a cup of tea. Don’t you agree?

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