Blameless by Gail Carriger

Our fearless Heroine, Alex Tarrabotti, is at it again! She has been dodging vampire attacks and annoying questions from her airheaded family. Only this time she travels to Italy, the source of all the grief that has befallen our Lady Maccon at the end of the second book, Changeless. I won’t reveal what happened that had Aleixia leaving London and Lord Maccon completely drunk. But I will say this—it wouldn’t be an Aleixia Tarrabotti series without our favorite preternatural taking matters into her own hands throughout her tumultuous travel through continental Europe.

I love the fact that this book provides an opportunity for Aleixia to forge a friendship with Madame Lefeaux—the immaculate masculine dressed genius-of-an-inventor. Ivy Hisselpenny (now Mrs. Tunstall) although very eccentric, is a sweet girl but it’s refreshing to see Aleixia in close companionship with another woman of science and pragmatic inclinations. I’m sure Ivy Hisselpenny is just as outrageous but Madame Lefaux’s masculine wear really ruffled some high society feathers. (As if that was difficult to do.)

If that wasn’t completely outrageous—how can we forget the Lord of Outrageous behavior: Lord Akledama! The fabulous vampire isn’t mentioned much in this book but his absence is very much felt by everyone (including this reader). Lord Akledama has always been a permanent and welcomed fixture in Aleixia’s life; unfortunately he wasn’t available to her because of some “drama” going on within the vampire community. Oh the DRAMA! Well to be fair, you have an eternity to look forward to, why not cause a few mischief here and there to pass the time?

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