Heartless by Gail Carriger

In all of the books, Heartless clearly illustrates Aleixia finally settling in to her social and political roles in Victorian London. Despite her ever increasing girth, Lady Maccon—mujah, female Alpha of Woolsey, and close friend of the fabulous Lord Akledama—continues to waddle around London investigating an assassination plot against the Queen. But first she has more urgent matters to address.

-There’s the feral husband of hers who is constantly exclaiming the adverse effects of Vampires in societal matters

-The numerous assassination attempts by vampires towards her and the “infant-inconvenience”.

-And Felicity has shown up again. I. Hate. Her.

What I have noticed is that not all has been addressed or unfolded in the series so far. Is there or will there be any notion of magic? It is only natural for one to wonder about the absence (or omission) of magic in stories that involve the supernatural. My theory is, the mechanical science and the scandalous behavior of the characters would be enough to entertain the reader. Whatever the reason may be, the series is undeniably charming with a hint of sass for a cynic such as yours truly.

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