Helen of Sparta by Amalia Carosella

I love Greek mythologies! I love mythologies in general. The epic tales of heroes, monsters, magic, and trials are what Hollywood movies hope to recreate, visually. (Obviously I am on the “book” side of the book vs. movie debate) My prejudice aside, the story of Helen is not a new one. There are different versions/interpretations of the character and the events that solidified her in ancient Greek literature and history. Here Amalia Carosella introduces us to her interpretation of Helen, before Troy fell into ruins.

Here, Helen was simply a Princess—the heir of Sparta. She was admired for her beauty—and severely scorned for it too. She was prone to having nightmares of a city sieged by her leading consort, Menelaus, who really, REALLY wanted Helen to be his and his alone. (Red Flag for the psychopath) He and every Greek man loved, lusted after Helen. Can you really blame them? (Maybe a little) She’s royalty; daughter of Zeus; and very—astronomically beautiful. Her stock value was very high, almost unreachable that it would drive any man to do anything to win her over…or just to have her nearby.

The story moved along very well and the author’s descriptions of the settings and characters were vivid and somewhat, creative. She presented the realities of ancient Greek women and the challenges they faced throughout the book; mostly through Helen’s interactions with other characters. She seemed to have taken good care of all her characters except, Helen. I was really looking forward to Helen to really come into her own and rise from the constant damsel station she remained in. But the author stopped short of actually giving Helen an independent –even a defiant voice. I love the historical (and mythical) elements of the story but it seriously lacks progression of the main character.

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  1. Ajr Says:

    I’ve never read any of them, so I won’t personally vouch, but I’ve seen books by Elisabeth Naughton that you might like if you liked this.

  2. rpeniamina Says:

    Thanks! I’ll check them out!

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