Claimed by Tarah Scott

I am not ashamed to admit, I love—er, enjoy reading romance novels. I guess it’s because it soothes the raging cynic in me, who is more inclined to read about practical topics such as Science, Finance, and celebrity melt-downs. I don’t really care for the “boy-meets-girl” context of most romance novels. I’m more interested in romance novels that depicts a couple fighting external forces or unbearable circumstances to preserve their—say it with me, LOVE. Perseverance in the face of adversity and rampant bigotry makes for a great romance novel—for me to read…no, to care to read. And here, Tarah Scott introduces us to another fabulous love story of Lady Roshlyn and Sir Talbot.

Of course, these two have nothing in common other than: they’re both gorgeous and very idealistic. Their union will be widely beneficial—we’re talkin’ “peace-between-Scotland-and-England”. Lady Roshlyn and Sir Talbot are both pawns of a greater scheme of these two kingdoms, perpetuated by brutal politicking and, lack of a better term, national security. But their different views about the political and cultural future of the highlands provides most of the plot and the undeniable attraction each harbors for each other. But fundamentally, Lady Roshlyn wants independence for herself and her country; while Sir Talbot simply wanted peace of mind for himself.

The author does a good job describing the settings; unless it’s an “action” scene and the setting zones right into the main characters. Maybe it’s a usual practice by many writers but it limits the story, especially in action scenes, to just focus on the characters deprives the readers of the effects of the environment impacting the actions and thoughts of the characters. I don’t blame this author in particular because it IS very difficult to pull off a well written “action” ridden prose. Describing a scene and sounding out internal dialogues can be strenuous for the writer and if done incorrectly, off putting for the reader. But overall, there was action, lovemaking, and swooning moments which makes this book a good weekend read.

2 Responses to “Claimed by Tarah Scott”

  1. Ajr Says:

    Did you find it overly predictable?

  2. rpeniamina Says:

    Yes, sadly yes. But I like to think I am comfortable with the “familiar”

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