Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger

Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger

Here we go again! I started another book series by Gail Carriger – and I’m glad I did. Gail Carriger’s series all relate to each other but they can still be read as stand-alone stories. Some of her characters from the Soulless series do appear in this series but the series’ focal character is not Aleixia but an equally inscrutable and fierce young lady, Sophronia. She’s a hopeless case, at least according to her mother. So like any other concerned parent she sent her daughter to a lady’s finishing school. She hoped the school will smooth out the rough edges of Sophronia’s personality and terrible inclinations. However, her mother had unknowingly send her daughter to a school of spies where young ladies and trained to use their feminine wiles to gain information and weapons (discreet ones of course) to “finish” off anyone who stand’s in their way.

The Victorian steampunk world created by Gail Carriger seems glamorous and robust – there’s no shortage of the different contraptions our protagonist encounters; especially when they’re trying to kill her. Of course, there’s a conspiracy afoot and the one girl who resisted the idea of finishing school is caught in the middle of a power struggle between forces she does not yet know. My favorite part of the book is the rag-tag team Sophronia puts together. I have always been a fan of Robin Hood, the tale; and it’s only logical I am excited about Sophronia and her band of misfits.

I am optimistic this series will not disappoint. I do find it odd, that there wasn’t much tea drinking mentioned in the book. There were mentions of delectable pastries and coal, yes coal, being consumed. Read the book and find out why!

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  1. Ajr Says:

    Is this not a romance?

  2. rpeniamina Says:

    This is just book I. I predict it’ll lead up to it. So far Sophronia is showing “some” interest towards one boy — who happens to work in the boiler rooms of her school and is um, not white. So you can imagine the reaction Sophronia will be getting from everyone. The poor girl is already dealing with automatons coming at her with the intent to kill; now, she has to bear the scrutiny of Victorian London society.

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