ASAP Science by Mitch Moffit and Greg Brown.

Once in a while, I like to indulge myself in junk-food literature. This could be a buzz-feed article, a celebrity’s interview, or the comments section on news websites. They’re not necessarily bad – if you read them in moderation. The book is riddled with quirky illustration which adds a sense of whimsy and wonder from answers to mundane questions and topics such as:

Are silent farts more deadly?

Selfie science: Why do we hate photos of ourselves?

The Science of Sexy.

The Science of Procrastination.

The answers presented in this book are concise and relatable to everyone. Of course that should be the case. The book is written for everyone, scientist or not. Check it out! You’ll enjoy it. I’m sure because it’s in the science.

2 Responses to “ASAP Science by Mitch Moffit and Greg Brown.”

  1. Ajr Says:

    Another book that’s kind of a similar idea (that I really liked) is “Why Do Men Have Nipples? Hundreds of Questions You’d Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Martini” by Mark Leyner and Billy Goldberg. Their second book, “Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?: More Questions You’d Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Whiskey…” is pretty good too. Nothing too heavy or scientific, but a little more meat than a typical Buzzfeed article.

  2. rpeniamina Says:

    I have seen those titles but I never got around to reading them. It’s always nice to learn something new everyday!

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