Curtsies and Conspiracies by Gail Carriger

Our favorite spy-to-be has begun her second year at Madame Geraldine’s Finishing School and she’s already tracking another evil plot purported by someone that will affect someone or something. As usual, she doesn’t entirely have all the details…yet. She’s no long a novice—personally, I don’t think she was ever one since her entry. So far we can count on her acute observation skills and sharp wit to bring to light the unfortunate reality of spy school culture: the lines between friend, foe, mentor, nemesis, homework, and extra credit are absolutely blurred.

Aside from the mind-numbing lessons of how to conduct oneself as a lady of qualit-ay; Sohpronia is taking massive mental notes about everything and everyone. It seems she has gotten everything under control but there’s always one thing that will complicate a young girl’s life: boys. This second book will surely show progress in Sophronia’s potential as a spy and a lady.

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