The Red Notebook by Antoine Laurain

The story in its entirety is a long roundabout meet-cute. I’d like to think that the two central characters discovered themselves while searching for each other. For Laurent, the bookseller who discovered Laure’s handbag, realized it is possible to fall in love and be unapologetically happy again. (This man cannot be real: bookworm, model citizen, likes cats…and cats like him too!) For Laure, the victim of a late night mugging, rediscovered her audacity within her introverted nature to pursue the identity of her silent hero. Romances like this are rare, the fated couple never met in person and you, the reader, cannot wait for them to meet. I was thankful for the other characters of the story because they kept the couple from retreating from an exciting opportunity.

Laurain’s story is short (I finished it in a day, before lunch actually.); which I am not disappointed about. The dialogue is clear and concise without muddling the prose to the point of confusion and the reader to boredom. The story does give out an old-school (black and white T.V.) vibe but it’s surprisingly modern for today’s readers.

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