Nine Women, One Dress by Jane L. Rosen

One of the challenges of reading fiction books in general, is keeping tabs of the numerous characters who are all, in essence, main characters. I guess you can make the argument that the black dress was the sun and the nine women that came in contact with it were celestial bodies orbiting it. But I disagree. The dress is integral of course to the story; however, it was fated to meet these women whose lives filled the book with hilarious tidbits of traversing daily musings and misunderstandings.

The only downside to casting more than one main character is attempting to include them in some kind of order that makes both sense and complimentary to the other characters and to the reader. I think this author tried but it wasn’t working for me. The overall story was great but I wished the author focused on maybe two or three characters that she could afford to expand their stories.

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