The First “Signature Person”

On Wednesday of this week, the University community held the 2011 Wesley Heritage Celebration. Many thanks to the students, faculty, staff, and community members who attended the special chapel service featuring Dr. Mark Wethington’s presentation, “Whence Methodist U?” We then enjoyed a luncheon program that included a presentation by the MU Fall Break Mission Team, special music by Chuck Stephenson, Oriana Clayton, and Jane Gardiner, and a sermon from Wesley Heritage Celebration award winner Matthew Snowberger.

The importance of this day in the life of Methodist University is hard to measure. Not only does it give us an opportunity to celebrate our beginnings or “heritage,” as evidenced by the legacy of John Wesley, but it also gives us an opportunity to celebrate our current blessings through our worship service and other events. In particular, it is gratifying to see our students perform and excel in all of their activities and mission work.

During the opportunities I have to represent Methodist University, I often cite our “signature people” as one of our distinctive features. By this phrase I am referring to the people associated with Methodist who play such a vital role in the life of the campus and who inspire us on a daily basis to “do all the good we can.”

As I experienced the events of the Wesley Heritage Celebration, I realized that the first “signature person” at Methodist University was, and is, John Wesley, who continues to influence this campus. You can see this in those who attend the weekly chapel services, who participate in the mission trips, who witness through the many worship groups, and who take the time to make a difference in the lives of others in very subtle yet important ways.

We are blessed to have this opportunity to celebrate our heritage and recognize those around us who make Methodist University such a wonderful place to learn, work, grow, and worship.

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