A Passion for Excellence

On Monday, February 27, the Methodist University campus and guests from the community were fortunate to hear Lieutenant General Frank Helmick, Commanding General at Ft. Bragg, talk about leadership and his insights about Iraq.

General Helmick, whose service in the Army spans 37 years, talked about his passion for his work that remains to this day, and how important this is to being successful. He quoted a study that indicated that 50% of Americans are not happy with what they are doing, and challenged the students in attendance to “do what you really love to do.”

He went on to talk about the importance of relationships – with your classmates, your professors, and eventually your peers and colleagues. These all will help create and maintain a culture of excellence, something we talk about a great deal here at Methodist.  General Helmick and I agree that the key to successful organizations, ranging from education to military, is to invest in people. “Signature people” define us and help lead us in making the best decisions for our organizations that serve students and soldiers alike.

Partnerships are very important to a university as well as to individuals. Methodist University is blessed to have an outstanding relationship with Ft. Bragg and the military, and as General Helmick stated during his talk, we are presently investigating additional ways we can work together to benefit soldiers and students alike. I look forward to sharing new developments in this relationship as they unfold.

And yes, General Frank Helmick is one of those “signature people,” a great patriot and leader, who comes along so rarely, sharing his perspective and inspiring us to do our best, have a passion for what we do, and to be committed to a culture of excellence.


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