The Power of Philanthropy

Every university president’s job description includes fund raising, as private resources are critical to meeting the needs of the institution. This is certainly true at Methodist, and as we launch our bold vision for the future, it is clear that we will need the generous support of those who have given before, as well as support from new friends who are excited about our plans and want to assist us in providing the very best educational experience for our students.

A bold vision requires bold demonstrations of support, so I was particularly pleased and honored that Harvey and Mary Fermanides Wright allowed me to announce their $5 million commitment for scholarships at my Inauguration on March 23. Their “transformational gift” will do more than help future generations of outstanding students attend and be engaged at Methodist. It is also an “inspirational gift” that will challenge other alumni and friends to do their part in moving the University forward.

The true power of philanthropy is its ability to enable individuals to invest in institutions they are passionate about and to allow them to leave a mark that will forever be present.  Often such gifts are made quietly and without any fanfare. Such is the case with Harvey and Mary Wright, who consented to having their gift announced, but sought no recognition or publicity. Their commitment was based solely on the benefits they have already received from a lifetime of involvement and caring about Methodist University and their desire to pass on their passion to future generations who will learn of their love of the University.

We are so grateful to Harvey and Mary Wright for their generosity and visionary gift.  They inspire us to do all that we can to make Methodist the very best university it can be, knowing that our legacy will live on through the experiences of students, made possible through the support of those who light the pathway to a Methodist education. As it should be. This is the power and joy of philanthropy, and how it transforms the lives of students and donors . . .

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