The Next Phase of the Master Plan Begins

As I sit in my office in Horner Administration Building, I can hear the sounds of construction, as crews begin their work in installing the new “streetscape” that will run the length of the campus that borders Ramsey Street. A brick wall is the first to be built, along with new signage at the entrance at Lowdermilk Drive, welcoming visitors to the campus. A new sidewalk will follow, along with attractive light posts and banners. In the future, those driving down the street will know when they pass by Methodist University.

Soon, the work will take the crews to Lowdermilk Drive and Joe Stout View Drive, as new sidewalks and the next generation of trees are planted, ensuring that we will continue to enjoy the natural beauty of this campus for many years to come. It will also make for a much more pedestrian-safe campus, as walkers will have access to sidewalks as they travel from their autos to buildings or are simply out for a stroll along one of our attractive streets.

By next month, the expansion of Trustees Building will be under way, with new offices and an expanded lobby being added to the north end of the building. Those visiting the Library will also notice an extensive renovation is underway, providing much improved spaces for the university community to conduct research and study. Renderings that depict the renovated space are on display in the lobby.

These are but the first phase of construction and renovation projects included in the 25-year Master Plan that was approved by the Board of Trustees this past spring. They complement the construction of the 100-bed North Hall and the Nursing Building that opened this fall. Planning of the next phase has already begun, as we meet with the architects to discuss the design of the expanded Berns Student Center, expanded Reeves Auditorium, and new health sciences building.

It has often been said, “Show me a campus under construction and I’ll show you a campus that is growing.” This certainly applies to Methodist University, as the implementation of the Master Plan is the physical manifestation of the commitment of the Board of Trustees and the entire University community to take Methodist to the next level.

Update on “100 University Partnerships”

Partnership #5: Fayetteville – Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce, represented by Mr. Doug Peters, President & CEO. Teams of students from the MU Center for Community Engagement will be working with the Chamber’s staff and members on a series of projects. The first will be a community image survey and re-branding efforts.

Marathon Update

With two weeks to go until the October 7 Chicago Marathon, my last “long run” is behind me and I have begun tapering for the event. The training has been helpful to me in continuing my exercise regimen. I have also been pleased with the progress the Campus Wellness Committee is making in developing a University-wide plan. It will be just what I need coming off the marathon training.

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