A Trip to the Governor’s Mansion

Last week, the Methodist University Women’s Golf Team was invited to the Governor’s Mansion to meet with Governor Beverly Perdue as she recognized their 2012 NCAA Division III National Championship – their 15th in a row. It was a privilege to be in attendance along with Coach Tom Inczauskis, Athletic Director Bob McEvoy, Trustee Chair Mary Lynn Bryan, NCICU President Hope Williams, and other MU representatives.

This was a proud day for the Lady Monarchs, and one they will not soon forget. Not only were they greeted by Governor Perdue, but she also took the time to talk with them about leadership and their responsibility as role models to girls who may aspire to reach their level of achievement. She also challenged them to strive to the highest levels of success, perhaps as a university president, chair of the board of trustees, governor, or U.S. president.

These ladies are no strangers to leadership, as they lead all MU athletics in their team grade point average and are very involved in campus and community activities.  And they have begun their quest to repeat as national champions through fall tournaments that are already underway.  When asked if they felt any pressure in repeating, the uniform response, was “no,” as they plan on focusing on their game and letting the results take care of themselves.

Spoken like true leaders. Focus on what lies in front of you and let the results reflect your hard work and mental toughness.

It was truly a proud day to be a Monarch.

Methodist University provides informal and formal ways for students to be involved as leaders and to develop their leadership skills. Through the MU Journey and the Lura Tally Center for Leadership, every student at Methodist has the opportunity to be involved in leadership activities. At the end of their university career, students will possess a co-curricular transcript that will reflect these leadership experiences.

Update on “100 University Partnerships”

Partnership #6: United Way of Cumberland County, represented by Mr. Robert Hines, President & CEO. Methodist University will developing pilot projects that can be utilized in various community campaigns. A team of MU students will be designing a campaign at Methodist University and creating a “United Way Day” and “United Way Fair” that will bring representatives of United Way agencies and MU employees together, thus increasing their awareness of the benefits received through their contributions.  We also hope to develop a student organization that can be a model for other student groups.  In the end, the student group will develop a comprehensive campaign that will enable them to create similar campaigns in other settings.

Marathon Update

Just one week to go until the October 7 Chicago Marathon. I’ll be doing short distances this week, conserving my strength for the 26.2 miles on Sunday. Wish me luck! I look forward to sharing my experience next week. In the meantime, please contact me with your own ideas of how we can promote wellness on the MU campus.

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