Chicago Marathon

Weeks ago I made a decision to participate in the Chicago Marathon this weekend. What started as a father-son experience (my fleet-footed son, Ben III, joined me but finished way earlier) turned into much more, as I decided to use this race to emphasize wellness on the MU campus.

I have enjoyed writing in my weekly blog, updating the University community on my progress.  This hasn’t been about my unusual accomplishments, rather, the thrust is on what each of us can do to take better care of ourselves if we just take a few minutes each day to exercise.  Clearly I am not an Olympic athlete, as my 15-minute mile pace will never be entered into the record books.  But it will improve the quality of life of this president who believes he has the best job in America!  I have pledged to give MU my very best, and that includes taking care of myself and encouraging other to do the same.

I challenge our students, faculty, staff, and greater community to participate in the university wellness program that is being launched.  I hope you will find opportunities for you to adopt healthy lifestyles that will not only assist you in dealing with life on campus, but also help you develop a life-long interest in fitness.  I believe such practices are very much a part of the MU Journey, and each of us can chart our own course to sustained wellness.

So what’s in store for me now that the marathon is behind me?  Well, there are no immediate plans to do another one—not until my aching body recovers!  But I do plan on continuing my workouts and watching my diet as a part of my personal wellness plan.  I also plan on continuing my advocacy of wellness for the campus and look forward to sharing future updates on activities that feature accomplishments of other community members.

Best wishes from one exhausted marathoner,

Ben Hancock


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