An Environment of Care

This week, we dedicated the new building for our Professional Nursing Studies Program. What an amazing facility with all of its latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment in a simulation hospital that would be the envy of any medical facility in the country, let alone other educational institutions. The turnout for the ceremony was nothing short of phenomenal, as hundreds of students, faculty, staff, trustees, health care professionals, and community members squeezed into the space in front of the facility to witness the occasion.

What a beautiful setting. Thanks to the loving touch and generous gift from Dot Wyatt, we have a lovely landscape at the entrance, including gardens and a waterfall—the perfect atmosphere for our nursing students to enjoy and reflect. It represents yet another unique feature that you will only find at Methodist.

During my remarks at the dedication ceremony, I spoke of a “culture of excellence,” a phrase coined by Trustee Al Cleveland that is a fundamental guiding principle that drives what we do here at Methodist. This occasion provided the opportunity to emphasize the connectivity between health care excellence, health science excellence, and more specifically, nursing excellence. Indeed, the prescription for excellence, as defined by this special event, consists of signature people, signature programs, signature facilities, and signature partnerships—yet another unique feature you will only find at Methodist. It is not enough to do buildings right or bring exceptional programs into fruition. Without the right people—those who teach our students or our health care partners who mentor them—signature facilities and programs won’t matter.

“An environment of care.” That’s what those in attendance at the Nursing Building Dedication witnessed this week. That’s what we feel when we approach the building and its gardens. That’s what we notice when we see how the simulation hospital has been designed. That’s what we learn when we talk to the MU nursing faculty as they share their approach with the students. That’s what we know when it comes to what we do so very well at Methodist. There may be other universities who claim to do it as well, but no other university does it better.

If you were a prospective student searching for a nursing education, or a health care professional hiring a new nurse to join your team, or a patient needing care, what kind of nursing program would you embrace? For me, it would be that nurse who benefited from that “environment of care” at an institution that was guided by a “culture of excellence.”

100 Partnerships

As we celebrate “100 partnerships” between the university and the community, it is appropriate to highlight three of the many partnerships we have with health care institutions. We are so grateful to these organizations that provide clinical rotations, internships and wise counsel to our programs in the School of Health Sciences. Many thanks to the VA Medical Center and its Director, Elizabeth Goolsby; to the Cape Fear Valley Health System and its CEO, Michael Nagowski; and to Womack Medical Center and its Director, Col. Steven J. Brewster for their commitment to health care excellence and partnering with Methodist University as we create and promote an environment of care.

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