It’s Personal

A great deal of my time is spent working with my colleagues here on campus to identify ways we can increase student success. There are many retention activities under way— all designed to deliver a personalized approach to issues facing our students. In the end, no two students are the same, and thus the response to addressing the challenges they face must be “hand crafted.”

Methodist gets this right. We are delivering on the promise we make to each student who passes through our gate to maximize his or her chances of succeeding. Sometimes the issues are academic; other times they may be financial. But whatever the issue, we have developed an “all hands on deck” response to ensure that no student falls through the cracks.

In a few more weeks, I will celebrate my two-year anniversary as president of Methodist University. I am often asked what has surprised or impressed me the most during my tenure. Without hesitation, I always point out the “signature people” we have here at MU who are committed to our students and their success.

My coming to Methodist was a very personal decision and remains very personal, as Debbie and I have embraced this campus and community. We are dedicated to enhancing the “culture of excellence,” which is a hallmark of this University. And what an amazing feeling to know that for our faculty and staff, “it’s personal.” Our 2,200 students are the beneficiaries of this hand‑crafted approach, and not only will they have amazing university experiences while they are at Methodist, but they will go on to lead successful lives full of meaning and purpose.

It’s the Methodist way.

Partnership Update

We continue to celebrate the “100 Partnerships” that we have with the community that also contribute to our students’ success through providing many opportunities for experiential learning. One group that is truly making a difference is the Advisory Board for the Center for Entrepreneurship. This diverse group of business people get together several times each year and is working with Center Director Marty Cayton in developing an expanded vision for the Center. Many thanks to the CFE Advisory Board chaired by Tom Keith, President, Tom Keith & Associates, for their dedication. We look forward to hearing more about the CFE’s plans for the future.

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