Best jobs for an outsourcing world

I am often asked the question “With the constant outsourcing of manufacturing jobs, what are the best job prospects for the next 10 years?”

It’s not always easy to predict the future, but there are definitely many career fields that will fare much better than others over the next decade. Here are a few of my toppicks for a positive career outlook:

1.   Health care, especially physician’s assistants and nurses.

2.   Education, especially if prospective teachers will consider relocating to other geographic areas.

3.   Technology. This will be a competitive market, so job candidates whodemonstrate a  high proficiency in their chosen technolgical field will be the most successful.

4.   Entrepreneurial – new businesses.

5.   Management, especially for not-for-profit organizations trying to expandtheir revenue streams. Job candidates with sales, marketing and fund-raising experience will be highest in demand.

Think about jobs that require “people”—those jobs that are very hands-on orrequire personal attention and care, and cannot possibly be run by computers ordone from a long distance. It’s pretty safe to say that these types of jobs will bearound for a very long time. However, I always say choose your passion first, and success will follow.

All the best!

Ben Hancock

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