A Happy Anniversary to the President Who Has the Best Job in America

Today marks my second anniversary as president of Methodist University. What a wonderful ride it has been. I pinch myself each morning and think about how blessed I am to have a wonderful family, good health, and the Best Job in America. Not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy their “dream job,” and I want to thank every member of the MU community for making it possible.

We all have much to be proud of as we reflect on what has happened at Methodist University over its history, and I can comment from experience on the last two. There is much to celebrate as we look at the signature programs and facilities we have put into place and the individuals—those “signature people” I like to talk about—who have led the way without fanfare, just doing their own part in making Methodist University the best university it can be.

Earlier this week, and in light of last week’s Board of Trustees meeting, I sent individual updates to faculty and staff, students, parents, and alumni, highlighting the many activities at the University and noting actions taken at the meeting. There was so much positive news that I decided to save some for a later update.

Why do I believe there is so much good news, in spite of all the reported challenges facing our country and our world, including concerns about college accessibility and affordability? First of all, I am “bullish” on America, and believe that our country has flourished and will continue to flourish because we have the best problem solvers on this planet. Secondly, I am “bullish” on Methodist, because not only do we graduate generation after generation of some of the best problem solvers in America, but also because we add value. Simply put, those who come here to study, to work, or to attend an event or an athletic contest gain a great deal from that experience. With our emphasis on providing an environment that is committed to a “culture of excellence,” we do it better than any other university in America.

In closing, let me make the same pledge on the first day of my third year as I made on the first day of my first year. I promise to do all I can to move this University forward and to lead our collective efforts to deliver on the promise we make to every student and every visitor who enters our gate. We deliver the finest University experience, period. We are student-centered as we are people-centered. Signature people educating signature people. One student at a time. Preparing for the next generation.

What a wonderful time to be associated with the Best University in America. And to think the best is yet to be. I think I’ll pinch myself again!

100 Partnerships Update

This week I was fortunate to attend the regular meeting of the Advisory Board to the Health Care Administration (HCA) Program, a group comprised of healthcare professionals from a variety of disciplines. At a time where Methodist is expanding its health science programs, such input has never been more vital. The best health care educational programs in the country gain that status by responding to the needs of health care providers as well as the interest of prospective students. This and the other advisory boards associated with our programs ensure that we are on target and that our students will be successful in their chosen careers.

Ben Hancock

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