Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

I had a dream the other night, and while I usually don’t remember them, one phrase stood out: “Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things.” In this instance “ordinary people” refers to “every day people” as opposed to those possessing certain advantages above others.

This caused me to reflect on the last few days—typical days, mind you, for this University president. I was reminded of so many examples on our campus of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Our students, faculty, staff, and community offer so many examples of promoting a “culture of excellence” that is so much a part of our “culture of excellence.”

Let me provide just a few examples . . .

. . . at our Center for Entrepreneurship Summit several individuals in the community were recognized for their success in business . . . ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

. . . at our Athletic Awards Ceremony, student athletes were recognized for their success on and off the field . . . Methodist University providing opportunities for ordinary students to do extraordinary things.

. . . at a luncheon within the University’s endowed professors, I engaged in a conversation with outstanding faculty or are committed to enabling ordinary students to do extraordinary things.

. . . at a luncheon held for the University’s Board of Visitors, I was impressed with the community representatives in the room, all assembled so that they as a group of ordinary citizens, could do extraordinary things for our students.

. . . at induction ceremonies for the National Honor Society of Leadership and Success and XIII Women’s Leadership Society, I witnessed ordinary students being recognized for extraordinary leadership abilities based on their University experiences.

On Saturday, May 11, we will celebrate Commencement. On that occasion, we will hear from two individuals who have done extraordinary things . . .

. . . Al Cleveland, a successful attorney and an ordinary man who has done extraordinary things for this University and the community.

. . . Lieutenant General Daniel Allyn, an American hero, an ordinary man who has done extraordinary things for his country.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. In this University environment the stage is set, through a culture of excellence, for our ordinary students to do extraordinary things. In our community, the stage is set for our friends to collectively accomplish extraordinary things to benefit our students. They serve as critical role models and mentors to help guide the way.

Methodist University is so grateful to those who have created pathways for our students to do some extraordinary things. In the end, that’s the only reason we are all here.

It’s what is expected of us.

It’s what is required of us.

It’s what makes an extraordinary University. 

100 Partnerships

At the recent Career Fair sponsored by the Methodist University Office of Career Services, a number of regional businesses and organizations took time out of their schedule to provide information and career guidance to our students. I would like to recognize just a few of these partners who are committed to our students and contribute to the environment that produces extraordinary graduates: PWC (Public Works Commission); Finish Line, IRS (Internal Revenue Service), BB&T, The Fayetteville Observer, and the State Employees’ Credit Union.

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