There’s Something Going On Behind That Wall

Photograph08I have been delighted by the many comments the University has received from community people, alumni, parents, students, employees, and visitors about the new brick wall and banners that are visible along Ramsey Street. These streetscape improvements have “dressed up the campus” and resulted in many more people noticing the University than ever before.

While the brick wall, banners, and landscaping represent modest improvements at best, they suggest that “something new is going on behind that wall,” and that has people talking. The substance of these improvements is far from modest and represents the hard work of the campus and the support of the Board of Trustees and many other friends of the University. One only has to drive or walk around the campus to notice real progress on the Campus Master Plan. The renovations suggest MU is on the move and expanding its offerings through the availability of these renovated facilities.

The best compliments we’ve received have been the frequent comments from visitors about the friendliness of the campus and how excited everyone seems to be about what is happening. As I have often said, a Culture of Excellence depends on signature people even more than signature programs and facilities. As we move forward with our focus on all three elements, we are in the strongest position in the history of the University.

If you haven’t visited Methodist lately, I invite you to drive on the campus – past the wall and banners, past the new lines of trees, and past the buildings under construction. Park your car and strike up a conversation with one of our employees or students. They will be happy to share with you all the exciting things happening “behind the wall.” And stay tuned, as all of us associated with Methodist University believe “the best is yet to be.”

100 Partnerships

Last Friday, we were fortunate to host Womack Army Medical Center’s Summer Commencement in Reeves Auditorium. Womack has been a key partner with Methodist in the health sciences. They often use our health science facilities and are the largest provider of clinical rotations for our PA students. The Commencement ceremony gave me an opportunity to thank the leaders at Womack for their assistance and to celebrate our mutually beneficial relationship.

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