It’s People That Matter

During my time as Methodist’s president, I have often remarked that a “culture of excellence” is best ensured by the acts of signature people. This has never been more true as we begin the fall semester.

During New Student Orientation and through subsequent email messages and letters, I have received so many compliments from new students, families, and other visitors about our University. While they have been very impressed with the physical improvements we continue to make to the campus, what impresses them the most are the people at Methodist. Admissions and financial aid staff, student tour guides, faculty members, business office staff, student affairs staff, and coaches have all made a difference.

Compliments have been specific and in detail, and include one of our housekeeping staff members introducing herself to the family and offering to be of assistance. This family was simply “blown away” by the genuine hospitality and sense of caring that was expressed at every turn. As one mother of a new student told me, there are many good colleges between our home in New York and here in North Carolina, but it was the people who brought us here and why our son decided on Methodist.


During last week’s Opening Convocation, I had the pleasure of awarding the University Medallion to Lorenzo Josephs who is the “official greeter” at the entrance to campus. His warm welcome and positive attitude epitomizes MU hospitality, and was worth singling out through this award that recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to our community. Mr. Josephs received a standing ovation from a packed Linda and Ralph Huff Concert Hall audience, as we all called out his favorite phrase, “I hope you have a nice day.”

It is not by accident that Methodist University will witness a record enrollment this year. It will be directly because of the people here who make a difference. People matter to prospective students and their families. People matter to visitors. People matter to all of us who want to transform the lives of students who enter our gates and are welcomed by Mr. Josephs. That’s the Methodist way, and that’s why I have the best job in America – because we at Methodist have the best people in America.


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