New center maximizing student success launches at Methodist University

Today I am announcing the creation of the Center for Student Success at Methodist University. This Center will be committed to the success of all students, providing programs and services to assist them in maximizing their MU experience. Mrs. Jane Gardiner, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, will serve as the director of the Center, in addition to her existing responsibilities.

At the top of Mrs. Gardiner’s list of projects for immediate attention will be to expand plans for a comprehensive first-year experience, the creation of a “Student Solutions Center” to streamline the process for responding to student inquiries, and the establishment of a new campus task force that will assist with the implementation of the Center’s initiatives. This group will hold its first meeting next week. 

Since my arrival I have participated in a great deal of discussion about how and what should be done in terms of improving student retention. Our highest priority as a University should be to ensure that students who matriculate also graduate, going on to find rewarding careers and lead lives of meaning and purpose. We are already seeing results from our increased retention efforts, but I believe that we need to make even greater strides forward, and that our efforts should be placed on improving every student’s experience, not just a focus on improving retention.

Under Mrs. Gardiner’s leadership and with the support of the entire campus community, we are launching a new era in support for students that is unparalleled in the history of Methodist University. I would like to thank those who have been a part of our efforts to date, and to ask everyone to support this new initiative that will enhance our reputation as having signature people and programs at Methodist.

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