Count Up to 100 Partnerships

During my Opening Convocation remarks, I talked about the importance of partnerships to the community and to the University. These partnerships will help us deliver on the promise to provide an exceptional educational experience to each MU student.

Partnerships are another way to say “relationships,” and we are very fortunate to have so many caring people who have invested in the University and want to see our students succeed. In fact, they have joined various advisory boards so that they can maximize their effectiveness as partners.

This year, as we strive to implement so many initiatives that will move Methodist University forward, I will be highlighting the many benefits from our partnerships and celebrating their contributions to the University. My goal is to identify and then recognize 100 Partnerships over the next 12 months and illustrate how they have played a pivotal role in meeting our strategic priorities—priorities that will benefit our students and prepare them for success during their time at Methodist and beyond.

Partnership #1: The Methodist University Board of Trustees, represented by Dr. Mary Lynn Bryan, Chair. They are recognized for their service to Methodist University through leadership and sound financial stewardship. No other group is as engaged in the life of the University or has as profound an effect on the future of the institution.

Partnership #2:  Methodist University Alumni Association Board of Directors, represented by the Rev. Dr. Jerry Jackson, 1st Vice President. They provide the leadership of Methodist University’s 10,000 alumni in support of MU through the development of new programs and sponsoring alumni events.

Partnership #3:  Methodist University Board of Visitors, represented by Mr. David Baskett, Chair. By sponsoring events like the annual Board of Visitors Golf Tournament and the MU Women’s Basketball, Cheer & Dance Experience, this group of individuals generates financial support and visibility for Methodist University.

Partnership #4:  Methodist University Foundation Board, represented by Mr. Steve Driggers, President. This Board generates financial support for Methodist University, and sponsors the annual Loyalty Day Campaign that provides funds for student scholarships. This illustrates that through partnerships we can be successful at building a culture of philanthropy that benefits the University.

Partnership #5: Fayetteville – Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce, represented by Mr. Doug Peters, President & CEO. Teams of students from the MU Center for Community Engagement will be working with the Chamber’s staff and members on a series of projects. The first will be a community image survey and re-branding efforts.

Partnership #6: United Way of Cumberland County, represented by Mr. Robert Hines, President & CEO. Methodist University will developing pilot projects that can be utilized in various community campaigns. A team of MU students will be designing a campaign at Methodist University and creating a “United Way Day” and “United Way Fair” that will bring representatives of United Way agencies and MU employees together, thus increasing their awareness of the benefits received through their contributions.  We also hope to develop a student organization that can be a model for other student groups.  In the end, the student group will develop a comprehensive campaign that will enable them to create similar campaigns in other settings.

Partnership #7: City of Fayetteville, represented by Adewunmi Lewis, HRD Assistant Director.

Partnership #8: Fayetteville Observer, represented by Ms. Diane Cain, HR manager.

Partnership #9: US Army Special Operations Command, represented by Ms. Michelle Barnes, EEO Specialist.

Partnership #10: PWC (Public Works Commission), represented by Ms. Magie Fishburne, Compensation Analyst and Bobby Russell, HR Director.

Partnership #11: The Arts Council, represented by Ms. Anne Rawson.

Partnership #12: Finish Line 

Partnership #13: VA Medical Center, represented by Director Elizabeth Goolsby

Partnership #14: The Cape Fear Valley Health System, represented by CEO Michael Nagowski

Partnership #15: Womack Medical Center, represented by Col. Steven J. Brewster

Partnership #16: The City of Fayetteville, represented by Mayor Tony Chavonne

Partnership #17: The City of Spring Lake, represented by Mayor Chris Rey

Partnership #18: The CFE Advisory Board, represented by Mr. Tom Keith

Partnership #19: The First United Methodist Church of Cary, represented by the Rev. Dr. Carl Frazier

Partnership #20: Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, part of Thammasat University in Thailand