2022 Vaccination Deadlines/Details

Dear Members of the Methodist University Community,

We certainly hope everyone is having a wonderful (and safe) summer. This short message serves as a reminder to check the detailed information available on our Forward Together COVID-19 Resource Web Site and to reach out to us at forward@methodist.edu if you have any questions.

Included in our University policies on Forward Together are some important deadlines that are upon us and/or approaching soon. The most important deadline to be aware of is July 1, 2022, when all MU students, faculty, and staff – who have not already done so or who received an exemption – are required to be vaccinated. The decision to become a “vaccinated campus” made such a big difference in our ability to remain open for on-campus living and learning last year.

The deadlines to upload medical or religious exemption requests remain June 1 for new accepted students (this includes transfers) and June 30 (for all returning students, faculty, and staff). If you had an exemption in 2021-22, you must re-apply for 2022-23.

Visit the Vaccination Requirement page on Forward Together for details on how to upload/present your vaccination information or requests. We’re eager to see everyone back on campus again in the fall.


MU Health Services