Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Mission & Vision

Program Mission

The Mission of the Methodist University Program in Physical Therapy is to graduate competent clinicians that demonstrate model character, assume professional leadership roles, and accept their societal responsibilities. Our graduates will embody the distinct body of knowledge and skills of the physical therapy profession and engage in critical thinking that incorporates evidence-based, autonomous decision-making. The character traits of our graduates will enable them to internalize and unite professional and Christian tenets that support critical thinking, ethical and legal behaviors, compassionate decisions, and respect for diverse cultural traditions. As autonomous practitioners and servant-leaders, our graduates will collaborate within the medical system to enhance health care delivery, empower patients and families, advance the profession of physical therapy, and enrich the communities they serve.

Program Vision

The vision for the Methodist University Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy is to be recognized as the physical therapy education of choice for the cultivation of ethical, compassionate and mindful servant-leader practitioners for autonomous delivery of quality health care, professional engagement and societal contributions.