Professional Manager’s Certificate

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Methodist University recognizes the benefits of developing and sustaining highly skilled, professional managers and leaders.  In keeping with the spirit of the University’s mission, the Professional Manager’s Certificate Program aims to provide learning opportunities for all members of the Methodist community regardless of professional level.  Each one-hour seminar is designed to offer a general overview of the topic presented.  Completion of the program will afford faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to obtain exposure to a wide array of management and supervision topics.

Certificate Requirements

Attend each of the four required seminars; attend four additional elective seminars; register to attend each seminar; and complete the required seminars within one academic year.

Seminars are open to non-registered individuals, but will be filled first with registered participants. Seminars are provided at no cost. Participation is limited to currently employed faculty and staff, and currently enrolled students of Methodist University.

Seminars are taught by faculty and staff from Methodist University as well as experts in the local community and are held weekdays during the academic year from 4-5 p.m.  Required seminars are taught in the fall and spring semesters; whereas, elective seminars are scheduled on varying dates.

Required Seminars

All seminars will be held from 4-5 p.m.

Human Resources Policies and Procedures (Debra Yeatts)
February 7, 2024 | Clark 128
Learn general recruitment and hiring procedures; recognize when employees’ work performance warrants corrective action; learn how to determine if termination of an employee is appropriate; identify forms of workplace harassment and discrimination and determine when to respond; learn to recognize when a decision is affected by major federal employment laws.

Improving Your Conflict Competence (Professors Wendy Vonnegut & Michael Wayland)
February 14, 2024 | Clark 128
Learn the dynamics that create workplace conflict, understand how to appropriately respond to conflict, and discover practical steps to manage emotions and engage others constructively to reduce and eliminate conflict among employees.

Budgeting Basics for Managers (Professor Randy McKinzie)
February 28, 2024 | Clark 128
Is it preferable to have a positive or a negative balance in a budget? Would it surprise you to find out that it depends? What is an encumbrance? How are encumbrances used to assist managers in controlling their budgets? What is an appropriation? If you would like to understand more about budgets and budget management, this seminar is for you!

Fundamentals of Leadership (Dr. Drew Ziegler)
March 6, 2024 | Clark 122
Learn how to unite staff around a vision, build strategy for achieving the vision, attract and develop talented employees, remain focused on goals, re-imagine how to improve operations, and continue to develop oneself professionally.

Elective Seminars

All seminars will be held from 4-5 p.m.

Organizational Behavior (Dr. George Hendricks)
February 21, 2024 | Clark 128
Learn to assess employees’ perceptions and attitudes that influence behavior in relation to their jobs, work group, and organization; discover how to apply appropriate leadership styles and managerial practices to increase organizational effectiveness and positive employee outcomes.

Managing Organizational Change (Dr. Mark Regensburger)
March 26, 2024 | Clark 128
Learn how to initiate, implement, and sustain change; recognize and learn how to the address the barriers and problems in managing change; discover how to support employees affected by change; learn basic change strategies and the managerial challenges associated with each.

Can-Do Leadership (Dave Eavenson & Nan Fiebig)
April 2, 2024 | Clark 128
Learn to how start at “yes”; help your team find ways to succeed, learn how to be a follow-through leader, learn the benefits of practicing servant leadership and putting your team first.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace (Dr. Quincy Malloy)
April 9, 2024 | Clark 128
Learn strategies for successful talent acquisition, development, and retention of diverse faculty and staff.

The Valued Employee (Dr. William H. Walker)
April 17, 2024 | Clark 128
Learn how to recognize and play to the strengths of your employees; build an environment of trust, loyalty, and camaraderie among your staff; discover how to develop your employees’ skills; learn how to help employees feel valued and to understand how their role contributes to the overall effectiveness of the organization.


Todd D. Harris, Ed.D.

Senior Associate Dean of Students
Todd Harris