Methodist University offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering taught in small classes in a supportive environment. However, some students may choose to major in an area such as mathematics, chemistry, biology, or computer science and then go on to graduate school in engineering. Other students may decide to complete their first two years at Methodist University and then transfer to a larger school to complete their engineering degree. There are courses in engineering as well as mathematics, chemistry, and physics courses that are common to all engineering programs and graduate degree pre-requisites that students interested in a pre-engineering program instead of the full Bachelor of Science degree may take at Methodist University. Typically, these students will complete course sequences in calculus, calculus-based introductory physics and chemistry in addition to courses in engineering and/or computer science. They may also complete a large proportion of the general education requirements for engineering. These students should talk to Dr. Bauer in the Department of Engineering for course options that fit their educational plans in engineering.

Program Faculty & Staff

Peggy Batten, Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Peggy Batten

Professor of Mathematics
(910) 630-7131
Denise Bauer, Director, Engineering Program

Dr. Denise H. Bauer

Director, Engineering Program
(910) 482-5607
Daniel Bennett, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Daniel Bennett

Associate Professor of Mathematics
(910) 630-7456
Tat Chan, Dean, School of Science & Human Development

Tat Chan

Dean, School of Science & Human Development
(910) 630-7286
Parisa Eimanzadeh, Assistant Professor of Engineering

Dr. Parisa Eimanzadeh

Assistant Professor of Engineering
(910) 630-7463
Dr. Kathy Fick, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Kathy Fick

Professor of Mathematics
(910) 630-7229
Stephanie Hooper Marosek, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Stephanie Hooper Marosek

Wyatt Professor of the Sciences
(910) 630-7457
Terry House, Professor of Computer Science

Terry House

Chair, Computer Science
(910) 630-7416
Shivappa Palled, Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Shivappa Palled

Chair, Mathematics
(910) 630-7133
Cu Phung, Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Cu Phung

Professor of Chemistry
(910) 630-7137
Bing Qi, Associate Professor of Computer Science

Bing Qi

Associate Professor of Computer Science
(910) 630-7129
Narendra Singh, Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Narendra Singh

Chair, Chemistry & Physical Science
(910) 630-7132

Dr. Lewis Walston

Professor of Mathematics
(910) 630-7130
Jie Zhou, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Jie Zhou

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
(910) 480-8401

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