Women's Studies

Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary minor centering on the impact of gender and the experience of women in society.

Requirements for the Minor in Women's Studies

18 s.h. including WST 2000, ENG 3420, and HIS 3820; plus 9 s.h. from the following courses: JUS 3820 (no longer offered); SOC 3720, 3830, and 3920; WST 2020 and 4850.

Women's Studies Courses

WST 2000 Introduction to Women's Studies (3 s.h.)

Introduction to the impact of gender, the role of values, institutions, and socialization processes in the lives of women in our own and other cultures; contributions of various disciplines to the study of women; critical approaches and tools for doing research related to women’s experience. This course is offered as needed.

WST 2020 Internship (1-3 s.h.)

To be performed at the Women’s Center or elsewhere, as approved by the director. This course is offered as needed.

WST 4850 Special Topics (3 s.h.)

Topics will vary, focusing on interdisciplinary work arising from feminist scholarship. Prerequisite: Permission of the director.

ENG 3420 Women's Literature (3 s.h.)

Concentrated study of literature written by women. The course emphasizes the historical context of women’s poetry, prose, and fiction; introduces students to major figures in women’s literary history; identifies recurrent themes in writings by women; and introduces students to feminist literary theory. Cross listed as WST 3420. This course is offered in alternate years.

HIS 3820 History & Gender (3 s.h.)

Investigates the historical meanings and practices of womanhood and manhood in diverse cultures. Topics include family relationships, sexuality, morals, politics and society.

SOC 3720 Marriage & The Family (3 s.h.)

Love, sexuality, mate selection, marriage, divorce, and child-rearing in a changing society. This course is offered as needed.

SOC 3830 Gender & Society (3 s.h.)

A study of the impact of gender on society and the individual. Examines sources of gender identity. Considers effects of gender in such areas as social stratification, politics, work, religion, and the family. Reviews the history and impact of the women’s movement. This course is offered as needed.

SOC 3920 Human Sexuality (3 s.h.)

A study of historical, biological, cultural, legal and ethical issues relating to human sexuality. Includes such issues as conception, pregnancy, birth control; heterosexual and homosexual patterns of sexual expression; gender roles; sexual dysfunctions and therapy; sexually transmitted diseases; and laws and norms regulating sexual expression. This course is offered as needed.

Program Faculty & Staff

Patrick O'Neil, Associate Professor of History

Dr. Patrick O'Neil

Chair, History
(910) 630-7067
Dr. Kelly Walter Carney, Chair, Department of English

Dr. Kelly Walter Carney

Chair, English & Writing
(910) 630-7376

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