School of Public Affairs

Students work in a political science simulation exercise

The School of Public Affairs is a diverse multidisciplinary unit with programs preparing students for professions in public service and the media. The knowledge, values and critical thinking skills developed in the liberal arts core enable programs to expand and apply that knowledge to specialized fields of study. The School offers programs in Mass Communication, Applied Communication, Justice Studies, Forensic Science, Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity, Leadership, Legal Studies, Environmental and Occupational Management, Political Science, the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), and Social Work. Graduates of the School’s programs are prepared both for professional employment and further study in graduate school.


The mission of the School of Public Affairs is to provide a high quality undergraduate education that prepares students for graduate school and careers in their area of study. We desire our students to engage, enrich and empower others as responsible leaders and citizens in a democratic society.

School Dean, Department Chairs & Program Directors

Dean: TBD

  • Department of Applied Communication
    Chair: Dr. Bill Watt
  • Department of Environmental & Occupational Management
    Chair: Dr. Iman Moore
  • Department of Justice Studies, Applied Forensic Science, Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity, & Legal Studies
    Chair: Dr. Eric See
  • Department of Mass Communications
    Chair: Dr. Kevin Swift
  • Department of Military Science/ROTC
    Chair: CPT Kyle Daniels
  • Department of Political Science
    Chair: Dr. Andrew Ziegler
  • Department of Social Work
    Chair: Dr. Carla Fagan
  • Master of Justice Administration
    Director: Dr. Eric See

School of Public Affairs Programs