Special Student Status

Students in a computer lab

What is a Special Student?

Special students at Methodist University are defined as non-degree-seeking students who enroll in courses on a one-time or intermittent basis for reasons including personal enrichment or professional development. Once such individuals provide an official high school/GED transcript as proof of [diploma], they will be classified as special students by the Office of Admissions and may register for a maximum of 30 credit hours (Online students taking only one online course can register before submitting their transcript; however, the transcript must be submitted before completion of the course). Special student enrollment is subject to the availability of space in the course. Special students may not live on campus. Veteran benefits are not available to special students.

How Does a Special Student Register for an MU e-Learning Course?

Application for e-Learning courses is made through the Extended Learning Office (910-630-7190). Click here to access the application. Any applicant desiring to enroll at Methodist University as a special student must provide an official high school/GED transcript as proof of graduation. However, e-Learning students taking only one e-Learning course can register before submitting their transcript, as long as it is received by the Extended Learning Office before completion of the course.

To register for Methodist University e-Learning courses, contact Dr. Tina Miller at tmiller@methodist.edu or (910) 630-7190 for assistance with the registration process.

What if I Want to Continue Beyond 30 Hours?

After completion of 30 credit hours, special students who wish to continue taking courses at Methodist University must meet all admission requirements (includes taking the English Placement Test, submitting SAT/ACT scores, and providing all transcripts).

Important Information for New Students

At the time a student completes his/her first class at Methodist University, he/she is considered, for enrollment purposes, a Methodist University student. In order to receive subsequent academic credit at Methodist University for course work taken at another institution after becoming enrolled, the student must obtain prior written approval from the Office of the Registrar in the form of a visiting student letter.