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The School of Arts and Humanities seeks to develop critical thinkers who are conversant with the liberal arts tradition, respectful of diversity, morally and intellectually responsible, curious, and poised to contribute substantially in their careers and communities. The School of Arts and Humanities includes the following disciplines: art, music, theatre, psychology, sociology, foreign language, history, English, philosophy, and religion.

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The purpose of the Charles M. Reeves School of Business and Economics is to fashion and nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship and creative economic endeavor. It does so by developing in students an understanding of the modern American economy, an appreciation of its power and institutional structure, and an ability to function within our economic system. The driving force of the global economy is the entrepreneurial spirit. Without this innovative and creative thrust, whether in a major corporation or a small business, the economy will stagnate.The value of the entrepreneurial spirit is not limited to business. Innovation, creativity, and ethically responsible risk- taking are needed in government, the military, education, and the church. The Reeves School of Business is dedicated to the development of this entrepreneurial spirit.

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The School of Health Sciences includes a variety of undergraduate programs within various health care related fields including Athletic Training, Health Care Administration, Kinesiology, and Professional Nursing Studies. In addition, the Master of Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies program, the Doctor of Occupational Therapy program, and the Doctor of Physical Therapy program are also included within the school.

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The School of Public Affairs is a diverse multidisciplinary unit with programs preparing students for professions in public service and the media. The knowledge, values and critical thinking skills developed in the liberal arts core enable programs to expand and apply that knowledge to specialized fields of study. The School offers programs in Mass Communication, Applied Communication, Justice Studies, Forensic Science, Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity, Leadership, Legal Studies, Environmental and Occupational Management, Political Science, the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), and Social Work. Graduates of the School’s programs are prepared both for professional employment and further study in graduate school.

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The School of Science and Human Development is the home of the Departments of Biology, Chemistry and Physical Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Education, and Physical Education and Exercise Science. The School offers a variety of programs in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Teacher Education and Teacher Licensure, Exercise and Sport Science, and Physical and Health Education. Our faculty pride themselves on providing academics rigor in a nurturing environment. Students will also find excellent opportunities to work with faculty mentors in performing undergraduate research.

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