Blackboard Student Support

Welcome and thank you for enrolling in an online or blended course at Methodist University.

As you may already know, online education provides amazing flexibility in allowing you to continue your education without traveling to campus several times per week. This can save you time and travel costs, and fit nicely into your already busy life! It is important to note, however, that these courses follow the semester schedule, have weekly assignment deadlines, require regular participation in discussion boards, and are as rigorous as on-campus courses.

While you have the freedom to visit the course at times of your choosing, online courses require you to make a personal commitment to participate frequently.

There are a number of key elements that can assist you in being successful in your online class.

  • The class opens a week before you actually begin. This is an opportunity for you to orient yourself to the class, learn how to use Blackboard, navigate the class structure, read the syllabus and policy information, find the book you will need, and post a personal introduction in the discussion board.
  • The course work changes weekly during the semester, and it is easy to fall behind, so login daily, participate as directed in the discussion forum, keep a planner, and submit your assignments and assessments on time!

More Information and Technical Support

You can find additional online learning resources such as Blackboard Help support information under Tools in the left column navigator within the course. Also available to you is the Methodist University Online web site. If you have a question or need assistance, do not delay!  Ask your instructor! If you have a technical question and need assistance logging into Blackboard, please contact Michael Molter at Also, please feel free to contact me, Dr. Bruce Morgan, Director of e-Learning & Instructional Technology, at  or by phone at (910) 630-7465.

Thank you for selecting MU for your educational needs! We hope you have a great semester!


Bruce Morgan, Ph.D.
Director of e-Learning & Instructional Technology
(910) 630-7465