B.S., M.Ed., Millersville University; Ed.D., University of Phoenix


Jessica D. Redcay, EdD/CI, is an assistant professor of Education at Methodist University. She is the coordinator for the elementary education program. Dr. Redcay teaches Intro to Teaching in the Field, Foundations of Education, Measurement, Assessment and Evaluation of Educational Growth and Research-based Approaches to Teaching Reading, in addition supervising Field Experience. Dr. Redcay’s research focuses on effective teaching practices and the integration of educational technology in the classroom, and her most recent publications include Redcay’s Virtual Reality Acclimation Model and Redcay’s STEMoscope model. Dr. Redcay is accredited for coining the term I-VAKT, which involves adding the “I” for Interactive Technology to the different learning modalities. She is the author of a phonics curriculum titled Ludus Reading. She has contributed to the Pennsylvania Department of Education STEM toolkit, and she is an editor for the international, elementary, STEM, research journal. She is a member of ISTE, ITEEA, DKG, CAP, ILA, NEA, NAEYC, AECT, KTI, and PAECT. Awards and recognitions she has recently received include DKG’s Distinguished Female Educator 2021, ISTE’s Educator of the Year in Computer Science 2020, PAECT’s Special Educator 2020, TEEAP’s Teacher of the Year 2019, ITEEA’s Teacher of the Year 2020. Jessica received her doctorate of education with a specialization in curriculum and instruction from the University of Phoenix, and she received her Masters of Education in Language Arts and Literacy from Millersville University, Pennsylvania. She has fifteen years of experience teaching elementary school and working as adjunct professor.