Drug War Lecture Sept. 20 at Methodist University

The Methodist University Reeves School of Business will present a “Big Issue Series” lecture at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 20, in Yarborough Auditorium in Clark Hall. The event is free and open to the public.

The lecture, “End the Drug War Now: It’s Time for a New Approach,” will feature MU faculty members Dr. David Rogoff, assistant professor of sociology; and Dr. Spence Davis, associate professor of financial economics. The two will speak on the history of the America’s war on drugs with an economic analysis, and discuss alternatives such as decriminalization and legalization.

“All the craziness and all the violence that is happening now on our streets is, by and large, not caused by drugs but by the war on drugs,” Davis said. “Someday, we will look back in total amazement at the stupidity and futility of this nation’s very long war on drugs.”

Davis received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from New Mexico State University, and his doctorate from Colorado State University. He has been a professor at Methodist for 15 years. With strong Libertarian leanings, Davis believes strongly in freedom of choice and open and free markets.

Rogoff, who joined MU last year, holds a bachelor’s degree from Kenyon College and a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania.