Frequently Asked Questions about Engineering

Engineering students

Why study engineering at Methodist University?

  • Smaller class sizes means more individualized learning
  • Direct contact with the engineering faculty in and out of the classroom
  • Close connections with your classmates
  • Interaction with students, faculty, and organizations from across campus
  • Local service-learning projects
  • Internships at local, national, or international companies
  • Curriculum allows each student to focus on their own interests within the major

What classes should I take in high school if I am interested in engineering?

You should take all math classes that you can and be sure to take a math class your senior year (preferably Calculus if you are able). This is also true if you are interested in any science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) area. Chemistry and physics are also courses that will help prepare you for engineering.

Are there additional requirements to be accepted into Methodist University’s Engineering Program?

No. If you are admitted to Methodist University, you can immediately declare engineering as your major. It is beneficial for you to decide on majoring in engineering early as many courses have prerequisites that you must take in order.

Can I play a sport and major in engineering?

Yes. Many of the current engineering students are athletes. We work with you to have your heavier load semester in the off-season. The coaches are also aware that you will be required to take lab courses. Majoring in engineering is also like playing a team sport – you all are working together on projects, understanding material, and getting to graduation.

Does Methodist University offer any engineering courses online or at night?

No, presently, we do not offer online or night classes.

Is a laptop required?

Yes, in the 2021-2022 academic year, Methodist University requires a laptop for all students. The recommended specifications are listed here (computer list site). While there are engineering computer specifications, if you are not able to purchase a computer with the engineering specifications, there is an engineering computer lab available to all engineering students that contains computers with all necessary software. The software is available to download to your laptop as well (with minimum specifications).

Is a calculator required?

Yes, but not a specific calculator. For engineering classes, you only need a simple scientific calculator like the Casio FX-115 and FX-991 models, TI-30X and -36X models, and HP 33s and 35s models. These models are allowed on the Fundamentals of Engineering exam.