Faculty Development Opportunities

Faculty Development Opportunities

The Title III grant designates annual funding for faculty development. In the Title III grant proposal, faculty development was identified as a key method for enhancing academic programs and transforming instruction at Methodist. As a result, approximately $30,000 will be awarded annually during the five-year grant period to faculty who submit qualifying professional development proposals.

Qualifying Criteria

Qualifying faculty development opportunities constitute any experiences that meet the criteria below. These opportunities may vary in form, including but not limited to conferences, workshops, classes, and short-term in-field work experiences. The qualifying criteria for Title III grant funding are:

  • The professional development opportunity must be designed to increase at least one of the following: in-field content knowledge, pedagogical abilities, academic assessment techniques, and strategies for using technology in the teaching-learning environment must be part of the sessions at the conference that you attend.
  • The professional development opportunity will occur no earlier than October 31 2012 and no later than September 30th 2013
  • Following the faculty development experiences, grant recipients must be willing to share what they have learned with other faculty. Ideas for these presentations can range from workshops to formal presentations.
  • The University cannot replace its funding for the conference, with Title III money i.e. if prior to the Title III the University paid for you to attend this conference that Title III is ineligible for funding.
  • The conference cannot be in a foreign country.
  • The experiences addressed in this application for Title III faculty development funds are directly relevant to the MU Strategic Plan.
    • Goal #1: Culture of Excellence
      Methodist University will create a culture of excellence among the faculty, staff, and students.
      • Methodist University will provide faculty and staff the training and support needed to excel.
      • NOTE: The University will require all academic and non-academic units to document in their Annual Reports the training and professional development faculty and staff have completed and indicate the effectiveness of that training/development.
      • Faculty who receive development funds for external conferences/workshops will conduct on-campus sessions for the purpose of sharing information from conferences, etc., when appropriate.
      • Methodist University will support faculty development for technology, disciplinary research, and pedagogical study.

Funding Process

The Faculty Development Opportunity Award has been established to annually award a minimum of 15 faculty members for qualifying professional development opportunities. Most awards will be a maximum of $2,000. To apply for a Faculty Development Opportunity Award, faculty members should complete a Faculty Development Mini-Grant Proposal Form and submit it to Dr. Don Lassiter or Dr. Bruce Morgan in the Title III Office. It will then be reviewed by the Faculty Development Awards Committee which is charged with selecting proposals for funding, the Academic Dean to assure the conference meets the goals of the strategic plan and the President for final approval upon the recommendation of the Academic Dean. Mini-grant proposals submitted by October 30 will receive first consideration. Funds will be awarded on a rolling basis, and proposals will be accepted as long as funds are available.

Faculty Development Mini-Grant Proposal Form (Word Format)

Funding Proposals

If selected for a faculty development award, the budget parameters listed in your proposal will likely be the amounts included in the award. Please keep this in mind as you complete the Faculty Development Opportunity Award proposal. Actual expenses cannot exceed the budget parameters listed in the award.


For more information, please contact Dr Bruce Morgan, Title III Director of Instructional Technology at (910) 630-7465 or at bmorgan@methodist.edu or Beth Butler at (910) 630-7422 or at bbutler@methodist.edu.


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