February 26, 2020
24th B. F. Stone Lyceum

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February 26, 2020 | 7 pm

“What Is an Ecological Society?: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach”

The word “ecology” comes from the Greek root “oikos” (home). The word commonly refers to the study of relationships among biological organisms. But the behavior of biological organisms is influenced by regions well beyond the artificial disciplinary boundaries of the university. Rather, the most pressing issues, e.g., carbon emissions, have causes in many disciplines: economic growth, income inequality, cultural and religious definitions of the nature of nature, colonialism, individual attitudes toward world affairs, and media representations of the world, among others. This panel will rehabilitate the original broader sense of ecology, in that it studies all of the actors that make up our planetary home.


  • Dr. Denise Bauer, Engineering
  • Dr. J. R. Hustwit, Philosophy and Religion
  • Dr. Paul Knudson, Sociology
  • Dr. Javier Pabón, Modern Languages & Literature

The mission of the B.F. Stone Lyceum is to foster scholarly interaction among faculty, students, and the community. The event takes place each spring and is free and open to the public.

Location: PA Auditorium
Medical Lecture Hall


Dr. J. R. Hustwit
(910) 630-7514

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